Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Afrinvestor.com?

    Afrinvestor.com is the online trading and investment management portal of Afrinvest Securities Limited (ASL) designed to give brokerage clients control of their investments, supported by sound investment advice and professional guidance.

  2. What kind of account do I create?

    You can select one out of the various classes of accounts we have depending on your investment needs.

    • Pop: This account is for students and NYSC members who are less than 25 years. Pop account holders have a maximum account deposit of N20,000 at a time.
    • Groove: This account is for young professionals just beginning their investment journey. Groove account holders have a maximum account deposit of N40,000 at a time.
    • Classic: This account is for investors who want no restrictions. Classic account holders can make deposits of any size at any time to their account.
    • Joint: This account is for partners. You can choose to go through your investment journey with someone you trust.
    • Corporate: This account is for businesses looking to preserve capital and earn even more. Chosen signatories have full control over your brokerage account and can trade wherever, however, whenever.

    For more information on any of these account classes, click the “Read More” option for each account type on the Afrinvestor.com homepage.

    Please note that you need just one stockbroking account for all transactions with Afrinvest Securities Limited.

  3. How do I create an account?

    When you have selected your account type, click on “Open account”, fill all the necessary fields, and follow the prompts. Upon submission of your form, you will receive an automated email confirming that we have received your form and documents.

    Please note that you need a CSCS account to trade. You will be notified of an opened CSCS account no later than 48hrs of completing the form after which you may proceed to fund your account and start trading.

    What are KYC documents and are they necessary for all account types?

    Know Your Customer (KYC) documents are a set of mandatory documents that establish your identity as stipulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for all stockbroking accounts.

    KYC documents differ for each account class based on provisions by SEC. At the point of opening your account, you will be prompted on the KYC documents required.

    What if I don’t have my KYC documents at the point of creating the account?

    While we strongly advise that all documents are attached at the point of account creation, you can forward your KYC documents subsequently to [email protected] and your account will be updated. However, please note that we will be unable to process payment transactions if KYC documents are incomplete or outdated as this is in violation of SEC rules.

    Why am I unable to attach my KYC documents?

    This may be because your file is larger than 1MB or is in the wrong format. Please ensure that you attach files less than 1MB and in picture format (jpeg or png) only.

    Why is my BVN required?

    Your Bank Verification Number is required as an added layer of identity and security for your account. It is a compulsory piece of information for the creation of a stockbroking account as mandated by the SEC. This and other information provided are very safe.

    What is the minimum amount required to create an account?

    Zero Naira. Opening an account with us is free. However, to carry out transactions, your account needs to be funded for your preferred transaction.

    How do I set my password?

    All passwords must be at least eight (8) characters and must include special characters – a number, an upper-case letter and a symbol. For example, “Password_1”.

    How do I change my password?

    After your account has been successfully created, simply log in. click on “Profile” and then “Change Password”. Input your preferred password and submit. Your password will be updated automatically.

    I am a beginner with no prior investment knowledge, can I get professional advice after creating an account?

    We are here for you! Just send us an email requesting for advice at [email protected]. Your account officer will reach out to you.

    In addition, we ensure our subscribers keep abreast of the developments in the market by sending out daily reports on the domestic equity market, while our fixed income reports are circulated weekly.

    Also, we give a brief rundown of events on the global market and the macro-economy every Friday. To receive all our reports, subscribe to our mailing list for free.

  4. How do I make payments into my Afrinvestor account?

    • You can fund your stockbroking account through bank deposits/transfers. Please use your "Afrinvest Account Number" as the payment narration and forward the evidence of payment to [email protected] for confirmation and posting. The inflow will be posted to your cash account once confirmed.
    • Once you log into your account, select the “Deposit Funds” option. Follow the prompts and input the desired amount to deposit then select the means of payments. Finally, you can confirm that the deposit was successful by checking your portfolio balance.
    • Alternatively, you can use the E-bills payment method; find details here.
    • For GT bank account holders, please note that you can fund your account using this short-code *737* 35 *amount* 9054 # (for example *737* 35 *25,000* 9054#); find details here.

  5. What is the transaction charge for online payments?

    There is a transaction charge of 1.5% of all deposits under N133,333.00 and capped at a maximum fee of N2,000.00 for amounts above N133,333.00.

    For E-bills payments, there is a N105 flat rate for transactions.

    There is no transaction charge on payments via the GT bank USSD code.

    How long will it take for my account to be credited once I make the transfer?

    Your in-house account will be funded instantly if you utilise any of the payment methods stated above.

  6. How do I trade on the Afrinvestor.com platform?

    Once your account is created, simply fund your account using any of our payment methods. You can start trading immediately by following these simple steps.

    • Click on the button “TRADING” upon logging into your Afrinvestor account.
    • Select the stock you want to buy under symbols and change order type to reflect BUY or SELL.
    • Fill in the quantity to be purchased in the quantity column.
    • Choose price type between “MARKET” or “LIMIT”.
    • Where the choice option is “LIMIT”, fill in the intended price in the LIMIT PRICE pop up column.
    • Finally, set validity period for the order.
    • Once the above is done, scroll down to see cost of shares alongside commission which will show the estimated overall cost for purchase.
    • After all fields for trading have been filled, scroll down and click on preview.
    • Once you are satisfied, click submit and your trade is done.
    • You will receive a contract note in your email when your trades have been executed and an investment letter in the case of treasury bills investments.

  7. Can I trade equities live?

    Yes, you can trade live! You will also be able to view live prices of stocks showing the bids and offers to guide your trading.

    Is there a commission charge?

    Yes, there is a brokerage commission fee of 1.35% only on equity trades. Treasury bills transaction attracts a custody fee of 0.35% which is prorated.

    Asides the brokerage commission charge, are there other statutory charges?

    Yes, the total commission for buy and sell trades – inclusive of the NSE, SEC, Stamp duties and Trade Alert charges – is 1.725% and 2.025% respectively.

  8. How do I check, edit or cancel orders?

    After your account has been successfully created, simply log in. click on “Profile” and then “Change Password”. Input your preferred password and submit. Your password will be updated automatically.

    • To check your existing orders, click the “TRADING” tab, then click “VIEW ORDERS” on the left-hand view of your phone, tablet or laptop to check status of existing orders.
    • To edit orders, please send an email to [email protected] with details of your intended change to maintain a high level of security.
    • To cancel existing orders, click the “TRADING” tab, then click “VIEW ORDERS” on the left-hand view of your phone, tablet or laptop. Click “CANCEL” shown in blue.

  9. Can Treasury Bills be traded via the platform?

    No, you cannot trade Treasury Bills (T-Bills) via the platform at this time. To invest in T-Bills, please send an email to [email protected] with your mandate. You will be able to place mandates via our mobile App once it goes live.

    How do I receive T-Bills rates?

    You can check daily T-Bills and bond rates on our website, please click here. We also send rates bi-weekly (Mondays and Wednesdays) to all clients on our database.

    How do I keep track of my existing investments?

    For Fixed Income investments, click on the “FIXED INCOME” tab and select the time range for which you want to check using the calendar view. Click “GO” or press enter to view your investment position.

    For Equity investments, click on the “PORTFOLIO” tab to view all existing investment at any time.

    If you need further details, please send an email to [email protected] requesting for your CSCS and Valuation Statements.

    How do I cash out once shares have been sold?

    Please click on the ‘’withdraw funds’’ button at the left-hand side of the screen and follow the prompt.

    Alternatively, you can send an instruction to [email protected] stating the amount you would like to withdraw and the bank details.

    For equities sales, please note that it takes 3 days for the trades to settle and a complete set of KYC documents are required.

    Once funds have been processed, it can be transferred to your bank account.

    I am not in Nigeria; can I open an account via Afrinvestor.com?

    Yes, you can open and operate an Afrinvestor.com from anywhere in the world.

    How do I make complaints or suggestions?

    You can share your thoughts, comments, suggestions and complaints using the live chat feature on the Afrinvestor.com platform between 8.00am and 5.00pm or leave an offline message outside the working hours.

    You can also send your enquiries to [email protected] and they will be promptly attended to.